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本教程是由FXPHD机构出品的C4D角色动画教程,教程使用软件:Cinema 4D,作者:Kai Pedersen,英文。

当今大型电影绝伦的特效,不禁让你要惊叹其合成的逼真与强大!fxphd 教育机构出品的教程相信会为大家带来业界的高端教程。

这节课定位于中级3D软件使用者,意图向3D艺术家介绍在3D平台上的角色动画流程。由Kai Pedersen执教,所用软件为C4D,课程把重心放在理论和流程上,当然你也可以在其它软件中用到。这节课并不包含基础动画原理的练习,而是由始至终的完成一个镜头。动画师为了整个镜头,在K动画之前,需要考虑计划先行,研究参考,然后表演出来。这就是我们能从中学到的。

FXPHD ANI101 Introduction to Character Animation

This course is aimed at the intermediate 3D software user, and is intended to introduce 3D artists to Character animation workflow in a 3D application. Taught by Kai Pedersen primarily in Cinema 4D, the program is intended to be platform agnostic, utilizing on common tools and workflows found in most 3D applications while focusing on theory and workflow. There are no small exercises to cover the basic principles of animation here; this course will cover a complete shot from start to finish. Users will learn to think about their shot, plan ahead, act out and study reference, before diving in and working through each stage of animation from blocking through to a completed shot.


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